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9 new Irish songs you should hear this week

9 new Irish songs you should hear this week


A lot music from Ireland and Northern Ireland comes Nialler9’s way and every week, we listen through it all and select the tracks from emerging artists (and some established acts) that deserve to be heard by you.

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Guilty Conscience

Kneecap are back and doing their high-octane bilingual thing with aplomb. Mo Chara & Móglaí Bap are saying no to feeling bad (“Guilty conscience / no thanks / I meditate and have plenty of wanks”) on a song produced by Denzel and Cut & Arranged by DJ Próvaí.

They are releasing more music this week.


PrYmary Colours

The Movement – PC Club Version Remix

PrYmary Colours are electronic disco duo Cay and Daz who are looking to the future and embracing change with their new single ‘The Movement’. On the flip, is this remixed version which amps up the duo’s soulful dance atmospherics.

The song is accompanied by a mini-documentary The Movement: Perspective Of A Black Irish Woman, about Cay’s experience as a Black Irish woman.


James Lonergan


A seriously impressive track from James Lonergan following on from ‘Joop’ featured here previously. ‘ohno’ has the lilting guitar style of a Radiohead track with sonics that piqué ears and interest, with Lonergan’s gentle vocals reminiscent of Hayden Thorpe.

It’s the second release on new label Here Listen.


Odd Morris


Odd Morris‘ latest single is from their debut EP Cityscape the Ballet out on October 27th. ‘Silhouette’ is a short stream-of-conscious rumination on generational views of being a young man.

Daragh Griffin says the song came about as a form of pen-and-paper therapy:

“I had bottled things up, so I just let my subconscious do the talking,” The frontman recounts. ‘I think lads specifically could benefit from being more open with each other This isn’t a song about bashing masculinity, not at all. ‘I see it almost as an invitation to be more open so we don’t keep making the same mistake.’




Made Magnetic is a new dance label from Solkatt “focused on the melodic end of dance music that will focus on regular releases that will be accompanied by remixes” that debuted with this fine release.

Questions by Solkatt“>For the second release on the label, ‘Questions’ starts with a quote about the transcendental nature of raving and dives into a shimmering dancefloor cut.

Remixes by Jellypelt and Jack Ward accompany the track.


David Keenan


David Keenan will release his second album What Then? this Friday. The Dundalk artist is a storyteller of a poetic persuasion and on ‘Philomena’, Keenan sings of his grandmother with music that swells and builds beautifully.


Laurie Purkiss

Close Beginnings

Cork artist Laurie Purkiss namechecks Chet Faker, Parcels, Bon Iver and Daft Punk as inspirations and you can hear some of those synth pop sounds on his second single ‘Close Beginnings’ alongside some chillwave influence.



Why What?

Former O Emperor man Paul Savage continues his forays into delightfully odd psychedelic music that is krautrock-esque and pastoral at once.




Dublin-based producer Michael Curtis makes electronic music as Genus and I’m loving the AFX Selected Ambient Works vibe to this track ‘Moth’.

For more extensive Irish and new music coverage, follow our Spotify playlist or hit up the Irish section for individual track features.

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