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10 new Irish songs you should hear this week

10 new Irish songs you should hear this week

Kelly Doherty

A lot of Irish music comes Nialler9’s way and there’s little time to feature everything we think is worthy of a thumbs up or more ears. Every week, we collate the songs that pass our writers that deserve to be heard by you. For more extensive Irish coverage, follow our Spotify playlist or hit up the Irish section.


Just Mustard


Just Mustard - Seven (Official Video)

Just Mustard return with a characteristically moody atmosphere on new single ‘Seven’. Washed out vocals and tightly wound guitars interlock to build a measured tension that is both emotionally gripping and sonically impressive. The Dundalk act improves with each release and ‘Seven’ is a treat of timeless intensity.


Dena Anuk$a


Dena Anuk$a - Shine

Dena Anuk$a mellows out with the mumble rap of ‘Shine’. Tackling themes of substance abuse, ‘Shine’ sees Anuk$a taking on a subtle flow through understated vocals and hazy production. Regardless of how laidback the track may be there’s some seriously catchy melodies on here, hinting at a definite pop potential for the Belfast MC.



Queen Of Spain

Dublin act Father! have just released their debut album Queen Of Spain and it’s a nostalgic trip to a not so distant past. The title track from the release is a statement of summer-stained intent from the group. An echoey acid-faded jangle-pop bounce, ‘Queen Of Spain’ is music for wistfully gazing out windows to and is delivered with heaps of heart-on-sleeve charm.




Melancholic indie-pop from Kerry singer-songwriter PJ Galvin. ‘Millions’ continues Scenes‘ midwest emo tinged sound in a more polished packaging of orchestral touches, noodly guitars and lonely lyricism. The DIY LK member makes proper autumnal music so wrap up warm because it’s time to get sad.






Hendrick Lane member Hovay delivers catchy trap on ‘Karma’. Warm production and an autotuned flow make for a seductively moody number. The impact of polished trap may be waning due to over-saturation but Hovay’s emotive lyricism and R&B tinged beat makes ‘Karma’ stand out from the crowd.



Caoilian Sherlock

Shades Of You

Caoilian Sherlock - Shades Of You (Official Video)

Psych-pop is truly on the menu in Cork right now and troubadour Caoilian Sherlock is serving up his wonky lo-fi spin on the sound. ‘Shades Of You’ is an instantly infectious romantic ditty that wobbles and builds through simple lyricism and tender instrumentation. Sherlock is one of Cork’s strongest songwriters right now and ‘Shades Of You’ is a wonderfully charismatic pop song.


The Bonk

May Feign

The Bonk | May Feign

The Bonk return with their first release since 2017’s excellent The Bonk Seems To Be A Verb. ‘May Feign’ sees the experimentalists opting for more of a vocal focus than their previous work and the result is hypnotic. With a seemingly endless groove, ‘May Feign’ is a transportive number made up of droning guitars and repetitive elements. Partnered with a remarkably fitting video, ‘May Feign’ is a return to form from an Irish act unlike any other.


Electric Limes


‘Cloud9’ is a jazzy introduction to Electric Limes. Mellow, bare-bones guitars set a relaxed tone for the debut single from the Cork duo in this exceedingly smooth cut. ‘Cloud9’ is a simple but alluring early release that showcases an eye for catchy refrains and harmonious vocals.




Cork hard-drum merchant Doubt releases the second single off his upcoming EP and it’s a certified banger. Steeped in urgency and booming drum production, ‘Move’ juggles heavy grooves with silky clean percussive elements for four minutes of marching club music. ‘Move’ makes you do exactly what it says in the name but whether you’re meant to be moving on a dancefloor or into war remains to be seen.


Martian Subculture

I Love My Friends

Limerick’s Martian Subculture delivers a faded cut of psych-influenced lo-fi on ‘I Love My Friends’. Channelling the likes of Tame Impala and Youth Lagoon, ‘I Love My Friends’ is a weird pop gem.


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