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The 10 best new songs we’ve heard this week

The 10 best new songs we’ve heard this week

Luke Sharkey

Here are the best new songs we’ve heard in the past week, tried, tested and ready for your ears.

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Ross From Friends


Ross From Friends - 'Epiphany' (Official Video)

Brainfeeder’s Ross From Friends comes out punching with his new Epiphany EP. The title track is a compelling opening statement, a meld of the lo-fi electronica presented on his previous releases with an undercurrent of nu-disco more overt on other cuts from the project. The production is stronger here than it was on 2018’s Family Portrait, with ‘Epiphany’ offering a clear and concise insight into one of dance music’s finest minds.

-Luke Sharkey



Princess Leia

Shura - princess leia (Official Audio)

London producer, singer and rising star Shura is back with her follow-up to 2016’s Nothing’s Real. Forevher advances the charismatic pop of her debut with newfound confidence and maturity. ‘Princess Leia’ is a slow cut with restrained hushed vocals harmonizing alongside dreamy synths for the most introspective moment on the album. Shura is laying down the bricks for becoming an underground pop sensation and Princess Leia is an excellent piece of controlled balladry.

-Kelly Doherty



Dark Rush

Last year saw Cork producer Lighght release his debut EP The Skin Falls Off The Body and he’s already back in action with his upcoming full length, the phenomenally named Gore-Tex In The Club, Balenciaga Amongst The Shrubs. ‘Dark Rush’, the album’s second single, is an irresistible slab of electronic goodness. Layering propulsive drums and intriguing percussive turns with a down and dirty techno intensity, ‘Dark Rush’ witnesses Lighght pouring experimentalism into a club mould.

-Kelly Doherty


Friendly Fires



It’s been eight years since Friendly Fires’ last album Pala and the indie-dance sound they helped introduce to the masses has all but disappeared from the mainstream. Friendly Fires have faced the changing tide of time with one of their most dancefloor-ready tracks in ‘Offline’. A straight-forward disco-pop anthem, ‘Offline’ delivers infectious melodies and good-times lyrics for a stand-out moment on their third album, Inflorescent.

-Kelly Doherty


Girl Band

Going Norway

Gilla Band - Going Norway (Official Video)

Christ on a bicycle how good is the guitar/bass (it’s a little hard to tell) pulse on this cut? That very rhythmic sound, including Dara’s vocal interplay with it in the early verses, has fascinated me all week. ‘Going Norway’ assures the listener that Girl Band’s new LP will surely hear a leap forward in production quality and detail.

– Luke Sharkey




Tourist - So (Official Audio)

London – based producer Tourist has been relentless in releasing music over the past while. ‘So’ comes just months after the release of Everyday, a full LP. ‘So’ is of that distinctly new electronic breed with it’s pulsing synth basses, pitched vocal hooks and silky smooth drum loops.

– Luke Sharkey


The Murder Capital

On Twisted Ground

There are some strongly mixed feelings about The Murder Capital’s debut LP here in the office (more on that later). However, ‘On Twisted Ground’ is an easy highlight. The very wispy, burnt out guitars interplay well here. One of the most downtempo cuts on When I Have Fears, it feels like the band are catching their collective breaths for a moment of authentic expression.

– Luke Sharkey


Abram Shook

Cocaine Blonde

Earworm dream pop from Aussie artist Abram Shook. ‘Cocaine Blonde’ is lifted off Shook’s new LP The Neon Machine. A strong downbeat groove gives this near four-minute jam a much-needed drive. The vocal melody is golden, with the rest of the arrangement generally provided support to that.

– Luke Sharkey




The debut release from Dublin-based producer Falx is a full-throttle journey through dancefloor influences. B-side ‘Integers’ throws nods and shapes towards footwork, jungle, UK garage and everything in between during its relentless race through modes of making you get your ass on the floor. Deft sampling of Kraftwerk’s ‘Nummern’ and dynamic synth work stitch ‘Integers’’ multitudes together to make for a promising first release from the Variant Crew members.

-Kelly Doherty


The Expert

Believe In This

Slick, smooth hip-hop instrumentals rarely get as hi-fi as Irish producer The Expert’s ‘Believe In This’. Kelly wrote up a piece on the release here, if you’re looking for more info. ‘Believe In This’ is a fine example to take from the LP. Richly textured, lush production and warm melody. Class.

– Luke Sharkey

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