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12 new Irish songs you should hear this week

12 new Irish songs you should hear this week

Kelly Doherty

A lot of Irish music comes Nialler9’s way and there’s little time to feature everything we think is worthy of a thumbs up or more ears. Every week, we collate the songs that pass our writers that deserve to be heard by you. For more extensive Irish coverage, follow our Spotify playlist or hit up the Irish section.




Signed to Dearfach Records, ‘Odimma’ is the new single from FaR Collective man UD. The track finds much inspiration from Afro-Fusion, with a beat that pays homage to the rock music originating in Nigeria during the 70s. It’s a smooth, dreamy cut – with half-sung half-rapped vocals underpinned with a gritty electric bassline. 

The track is lifted from UD’s forthcoming debut EP Fruitless Grapevine, which is due out in the near future.

– Luke Sharkey


Sean Being

My Object, My Back Turned (w Richard Hughes)

Sean Being - My Object, My Back Turned (w/ Richard Hughes)


Sean Being’s recent project, The Brikc, is an experimental pleasure from start to finish and ‘My Object, My Back Turned’ is its lush centrepiece. Driven by unravelling bass, lo-fi vocals and a soporific R&B inspired beat, ‘My Object, My Back Turned’ is paced like a bicycle that’s moving a little too slowly and is constantly at risk of toppling over. This disconcerting edge injects the otherwise relaxed piece with an added depth making for an ethereal journey with a haunting score.

– Kelly Doherty


7th Obi

Red + Blue

Red + Blue

Waterford native 7th Obi has quietly amassed some of the finest hip-hop single releases the country has produced throughout the year. ‘Alone’ and ‘Burner’ showcased a forward-thinking MC interested in the sort of psych trap Travis Scott widely popularised. 

That sound remains prevalent on ‘Red + Blue’, even if the track feels more like an extended interlude as opposed to a stand-alone, presenting just one melodic idea repeatedly just under two minutes. Brevity aside, ‘Red + Blue’ still makes for compelling listening. Obi is for sure one of Ireland’s most on form MCs right now.

– Luke Sharkey



These Kids Fighting

Released on Moot Tapes, Breen’s Heaven Is Other People EP is a charming constellation of its influences. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the excellent ‘These Kids Fighting’. Drenched in sad euphoria, the track layers unpitched trance and rave elements over a glitching breakbeat before succumbing to an abrupt stop. ‘These Kids Fighting’ is a song to stumble out of the club to when you’re not ready for the party to be over but the comedown is already kicking in.

– Kelly Doherty



Red Oceans

NOGYMX - Red Oceans

Irish producer NOGYMX comes through with new single ‘Red Oceans’. It’s not the first time we’ve featured the hip-hop producer, who specialises in composing laid back, woozy instrumentals. ‘Red Oceans’ is no different, string samples, dreamy piano chords and boom-bap-esque drum programming all feature on this impressive cut.

– Luke Sharkey



Catalyst VIP

Cork hard drum collective FLOOD return with another excellent release, this time with Tension on production duties. ‘Catalyst VIP’ is a blast of meticulously layered drum work. Combining tribal aural aesthetics with a persistently low swarm of futuristic synth work, ‘Catalyst VIP’ feels like the soundtrack to a dystopian battle, calling the listener to action with intimidatingly forthright drums and galloping percussive elements. An absolute treat in sound design from one of Ireland’s most promising electronic collectives.

– Kelly Doherty



I Lost My Way

Clu - I Lost My Way

Sean Cooley’s experimental electronic project Clu dropped a new EP Always Forever last week. ‘I Lost My Way’ is the mighty single from the release. The production is razor-sharp on this one, with each constituent element of the arrangement working perfectly in tandem with the next. This is the sound of getting lost in melancholy thought amid the infinite hues of a cityscape at night.

– Luke Sharkey


Martian Subculture

Lonely and Free

Martian Subculture makes acutely balmy music. The Limerick artist’s recent Mars EP is a meandering cruise through layers of charming riffs and effect pedal adulation. Fans of Mac DeMarco and Tame Impala will have a field day with ‘Lonely and Free’, a hazy cut so laidback that it’s horizontal. Let Martian Subculture’s psych influences and gentle vocals wash over you and forget about life’s challenges for at least a few minutes.

– Kelly Doherty


J Colleran


J Colleran dropped EP 01 a couple of weeks back. The new project boasts much of the same ambient centred sound palettes as 2018 Gardenia did, except the inspiration is lifted from a collection of motorcycle samples this time around. We’ve chosen to highlight ‘S-Flood’ here, electronica deconstructed.

– Luke Sharkey



It’s Nice

Glimmermen - It's Nice (when people accept you for who you are)

Glimmermen’s ‘It’s Nice’ is a blast of infectious surf-influenced rock that plays with the hallmarks of 60s pop rock, complete with a brass section and simple melodies. Complete with a show-band referencing music video caper, ‘It’s Nice’ is an exceedingly pleasant, self-referential package.

– Kelly Doherty


Chris Kabs

See You Here

See You Here

Dublin producer & vocalist Chris Kabs comes through with a message of self-empowerment on new single ‘See You Here’. This dancehall-inspired single is decidedly upbeat, finding Kabs looking back on what he’s achieved despite the expectations of others. As always, the production is tight – with the different synth sounds and melodies each carrying weight & punch. 

– Luke Sharkey



Come Down

‘Come Down’ sees Limerick artist RUMI offering up a restrained, vocal hush against icy cold, downtempo synth work. Utilising glitched harmonisation and a four-on-the-floor house motif, ‘Come Down’ extracts club influences and channels them into a polished pop-adjacent offering.

– Kelly Doherty

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