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65 Days of Static live

65 Days of Static live


I really hate Crawdaddy as a venue most times, including last night but 65 Days of Static’s unique hybrid of post-rock / experimental electronica was worth the trip on a cold and biting February night. It was the first time they have played Ireland despite being from Sheffield in England and it was a stormer of a show.

Live, they utilise electronics as more of a backdrop to their instrument bashing but it works. Occasionally, when the song warrants it, guitarist Paul will play Keyboard piano, while the bassist will twiddle a MIDI keyboard controlling Ableton. The drummer is as robotically accurate as they come with precise beats layered over electronic percussion throughout the gig. They previewed some new material from their forthcoming new album (out 30th April) and upon first listen, the album will have more piano, more electronics, more guitar…. well pretty much more of everything. The highlight was definitely “Radio Protector” which you can see shaky footage of below.

Tonight, they play Belfast before an appearance at SXSW in Match and a UK Tour in April and May. Tour dates here.


65 Days of Static – Drove through Ghosts to Get Here


65 Days of Static – Radio Protector


Both songs are from 2005’s One Time for All Time