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9 new songs to love this week: The Nialler9 Weekly playlist

9 new songs to love this week: The Nialler9 Weekly playlist

Every week, the Nialler9 Spotify Weekly Playlist is updated with new music, and in this corner, we share the playlist and highlight some some select songs from the list below.

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Swindle, Loyle Carner, Kojey Radical, JNR Williams


A UK big name posse cut put together by London jazz rap head Swindle.

“The rhythm section is supported by Femi and TJ Koleoso from Ezra Collective so not only does it feature and been built with artists and musicians who all centre their music around integrity… It’s the first time we could all create together and make a tune that would not exist in any other scenario. There’s a lot more music to come from me and this one really sets the tone.”


May Rio


New York musician May Rio Sembera was formerly in the indie band Poppies. ‘Butter’ is a cloud floating on by a bed of soft glowing pop vibes with production from Tony 1. It’s the opening track from the album Easy Bammer.


Kurtis Wells

A Song About the Sun

Kurtis Wells is giving off R&B Tame Impala vibes on this track from an artist I can’t really find much out about. Seems to be a debut track. Nice video too.


The Altered Hours

Radiant Wound

The Cork psych rock band Altered Hours follow up ‘All Amnesia’ with this jangly and lovely wall of noise, a song about the housing crisis in Ireland. “The city I love, the city I hate,” they sing in the chorus.

“The message with this track is simple, we love the city that has had such an impact on us as a band. The music scene in Cork city has inspired us & supported us over the years & having already lived through one recession here and now with the current housing crisis ongoing, ‘Radiant Wound’ is a shared rage we feel towards these growing issues. It’s one from the guts.”

The band have announced some dates for later this year:

29th October – Cyprus Ave, Cork
4th November – Roisin Dubh, Galway
13th November – Dolans, Limerick
26th November – The Grand Social, Dublin


Justin Cudmore, Brooks Mosher

Out Run

Moroder and Italo influences? You know I’m into it. Brand new on Fort Romeau’s Cin Cin label. Tokyo’s Risa Taniguchi is on the split.



Dreamcast Moe

Soul Belongs 2 U

dreamcastmoe was formerly known as Dreamcastm and is Detroit purveyor of atmospheric synth-heavy R&B. ‘Soul Belongs 2 U’ is from a forthcoming After All This on July 27th on the label In Real Life.

‘Soul Belongs 2 U’ is “about betting on love,. Allowing others to present their best without being so caught up in the what-ifs. Being committed to loving hard doesn’t have to be so intimidating.”


Erica Cody

Better Days

Dubliner Erica Cody’s latest leans into open-hearted R&B balladry that she vibes with regularly. The song was actually written over 2 years ago while dealing with heartache in the aftermath of a relationship.

This is definitely the most personal song I’ve ever released and so I was a little hesitant to release it! But I know that it’s an important one to go ahead and put out into the world, because it helped me to work through a lot of confusion, a lot of whys. I really believe that you grow through what you go through. This song helped me to work through my pain and come out the other end of it and I’ve since found great peace in acceptance. I always come back to this track and to the message in it.


Mano Le Tough

Aye Aye Mi Mi

Like me, you probably didn’t expect the guitar work of the Strokes to be the first reference on a track from Mano Le Tough but the Irish producer has some mellow material out in the world. So it is that the 12″ version of new song ‘Aye Aye Mi Mi’ has a chugging guitar tones of a Hammond Jr.

It’s a song from the producer’s forthcoming album At The Moment, out August 20th on DJ Koze’s Pampa Record. A ‘MLT Passion Beat Dub’ is more electronic overall if that’s what you’re looking for, but the pensive mood on the original is echoed on the dub workout of ‘No Road Without A Turn’ also from the record.

It’s a kind of reflection on narcissism, social media saturation and the ego,” Mano says of ‘Aye Aye Mi Mi’. The musician is now based in Zurich and raising a family, which may have softened his musical output in the nicest way.


Flava D, Paige Eliza, DRS

All We Ever Do

London producer pairs with Leeds singer Paige Eliza and Manchester MC DRS for a bright drum and bass bop.

Check out my other favourite new tracks in the playlist below:

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