Longitude 2017 is decidedly more hip-hop, pop and R&B based than previous years. Take away Mumford & Sons and there’s not a lot of what you’d normally see on the lineups at Marlay Park. That’s cool, music festivals should change with tastes and generations – Oxegen tried to be everything to everyone and that couldn’t last. Longitude is somewhat a replacement for that festival, without the ugly scenes, campsite and mud. Longitude has become a young people’s festival because it’s one of the few that lets in those younger than 18. That’s important. I went to Witnness and Oxegen every years since I was able to and the bands and music I saw there shaped my life and the friends I have, so next time you feel like giving out about the amount of young people around you at a festival, remember that was you once. Probably.

Anyway, New music is what Nialler9 is all about so that’s what we’re talking about here with my 6 acts to see at the festival, whatever age you are, this weekend. So our rule here is a realtively new act, who hasn’t played here before or much, or a local act very deserving of your attention, and attention this weekend.

Stage times and info here.


Loyle Carner

Friday, Heineken Stage, 16:30pm

I’ve heard great things about Loyle Carner’s live set from the Workman’s Club earlier this year and his conscious UK rap style is one that I have come back to regularly since the release of his album Yesterday’s Gone earlier this year with ‘No CD’ the standout. Watch him bring his Mum onstage at Glastonbury last month.



Saturday, Whelan’s Stage, 15:30pm

It was the Jools Holland performance that gave me the shivers and convinced me of this young Norwegian’s talent. Her debut song ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ has been on regular repeat since and I do indeed, love her vibe on the track – a confident happy-go-lucky demeanour, a fiercely resolute fuck you to the subject of the song. Live is where she brings the sentiment to life too. I would go to Longitude just for that song tbh.


Mix & Fairbanks

Friday, Red Bull Woodlands stage, 21:15pm

Kildare up and comers Gary O’Reilly and Rob Smyth aka Mix & Fairbanks skills as DJs playing disco and house edits and classics started them on their path and they recently got into making their own tracks to whopping effect. Next up for them, is a featured track on Orange Tree Edits Vol 3 but for now, their own song ‘Girls’ should be the soundtrack to the summer, if I had my way.


Mick Jenkins

Saturday, Heineken Stage, 18:30pm

Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins released two solid mixtapes The Water(s) and Waves in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Last year, his The Healing Component debut followed and took love as the answer for society’s woes. A live Jenkins show is a hip-hop set with soul.



Saturday, Main Stage, 2pm

Winning the BBC Critics Choice is recent years has been a curse rather than a blessing but the London R&B artist has got fans and momentum building despite that fact with Stormzy features and independent-minded pop anthems. This will be her Irish debut.



Saturday, Heineken Live Your Music, 5:30pm

Soulé is one of the most promising new artists in Ireland and whether she’s singing over soul, ’90s house, 2step, garage or R&B rhythms, there’s a pop streak in her songs that is hard to ignore. Read a recent interview about her life so far.

Posted on July 12th, 2017


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With so many releases flying at you, here are 6 vetted listens from Nialler9 for you this week, as collated in the Nialler9 New Albums Spotify playlist, updated weekly.


Bonobo – Migration

My album of the week. Bonobo’s sixth album is nomadic & intimate, open-minded and expansive drawing on his ambient chill trademark and tougher almost clubbier sounds with guest vocals from Hundred Waters, Nick Murphy, Rhye and Morrocco’s Innov Gnawa.

Favourite tracks: ‘Outlier’, ‘Surface’

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Austra – Future Politics

Katie Stelmanis’ third album as Austra feels looser than her previous work, and despite the title, more human. The operatic synth-pop is still very much there and the politics of the title feels rooted in the personal.

Favourite tracks: ‘Utopia’, ‘I Love You More Than You Love Yourself’

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Julie Byrne – Not Even Happiness

The New-York singer-songwriter Julie Byrne is known for ethereal folk music and her new second album Not Even Happiness is a calming listen of gentle folk and ambient textures.

Favourite tracks: ‘Natural Blue’, ‘I Live Now As A Singer’

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SOHN – Rennen

Since the release of his 2014 debut, SOHN has moved continents, got married and is this week, expecting his first child. In the same time he’s also managed to hugely improve his songcraft which to this point always worked best writing for others. Rennen is an album of alt-synth singer-songwriter music with touches of spacious R&B and orchestral atmospherics.

Favourite tracks: ‘Harbour’, ‘Conrad’

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Loyle Carner – Yesterday’s Gone

Upcoming London rapper with a relaxed vocal style, Carner’s debut album dropped today and his Uber driver is a fan. This is a lyrical-focused largely drawing on laidback jazz and hip-hop beats. Carner plays The Workman’s Club on February 2nd.

Favourite tracks: ‘The Isle Of Arran’, ‘No CD’.

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The latest release on Awesome Tapes From Africa features singer Awa Poulo of Peulh origin from Dilly commune in Mali on the border of Mauritania features eight new tracks of folk-pop of the region with Poulo singing atop loose guitar, flute, n’goni (lute), calabash gourd hand percussion.

Favourite tracks: ‘Djulau’, ‘Noumou Foli’.

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Speedy Wunderground is a London label and collective which has released once-off , sometimes collaborative singles from Steve Mason & Emiliana Torrini, The Archie Bronson Outfit,  JUCE, and Toy & Natasha Khan in the last year and a half with an emphasis on putting out music in a quick process.

For the label’s ninth release, they’ve teamed up the Mercury Prize nominated lyricist and rapper Kate Tempest with an unknown 20 year-old MC called Loyle Carner (who appeared on a recent Rejjie Snow track) for this great track ‘Guts’:

More about the label.

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