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9 new songs to love this week: The Nialler9 Weekly playlist

9 new songs to love this week: The Nialler9 Weekly playlist


Every week, the Nialler9 Spotify Weekly Playlist is updated with new music, and in this corner, we share the playlist and highlight some some select songs from the list below.

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Caroline Polachek

Bunny Is A Rider

Caroline Polachek follows up 2019’s Pang album with a track that leans more into pop sounds and it really has been suiting her down to the ground.

“Bunny Is A Rider” is a summer jam about being unavailable. Bunny is slippery, impossible to get ahold of. Maybe it’s a fantasy, maybe it’s a bad attitude. But anyone can be bunny, at least for three minutes and seventeen seconds. The song features a scorching bass performance from producer Danny L Harle, plus his baby daughter’s first vocal cameo.”


Ra Gerra


New Vessels, the album from electronic musician/producer Kobina and rapper/singer MuRli is one of those collaborative long players that plays to both artists strengths, while illuminating new textures from each side. ‘Feels’ is one of the standouts for that reason.


Vince Staples

Sundown Town

Vince Staples is an album artist and his self-titled latest Kenny Beats-produced is another one to pour over in detail.

(“We was in the hood, rent was late, ain’t have Section 8 / Had a .38 in the eighth, moved on 68th / Then they put us out, we was sleeping on my auntie couch / Then she put us out, stomach growling, stealing from the Ralphs”) 



Safe In my Arms

I have been loving the electronic music of Samantha Poulter aka Logic1000 of late and there were two new tracks released last week – ‘YourLove’ and ‘Safe In My Arms’. I’ve gone back to the latter the most.

“When I started working on this record, I had initially planned to make something slamming – some peak time summer anthems. But through the process of making them, I found a different side of my production – the tracks ended up a lot deeper than I intended, and I’m happy for it. They give me the feeling of warmth and nostalgia. This is a mood I was excited to land on, and I’m looking forward to exploring it further. This is house music for the morning. Not the morning at the end of the night, but the morning at the start of the day. ‘Safe In my Arms’ feels like it’s waking up, and ‘YourLove’ takes that energy and runs with it.”


Maston, L’Eclair


Paris-based producer and composer Frank Maston and Geneva band L’Eclair bonded over sunny loungey grooves that Todd Terje would lap up, so they made an album together and it’s out September 10 on Innovative Leisure / Calico Discos.

‘Ghost’ is definitely a proggy ’70s bright stomp for a hot day, and it was recorded in one take.




Sanbashi (feat. Cotto Center)

Japanese producer Takahide Higuchi is from Nagoya (a city between Tokyo and Osaka) and he clearly has food on his mind with this project (he’s also in a psych-rock / trap duo called Kiseki with Bo Ningen’s Taigen Kawabe), with track titles inspired “by eating at Michinoeki, Japanese motorway service stations and the simple “pleasures of regularly visiting the local Sento (Japanese public baths)”.

“When I go to these places, i’m able to enjoy the atmosphere. I wanted to create an honest album that combines the sound of guitar and percussion with the sense of peace and community I feel in here amidst the uncertainty of the future. Yasuragi land is that place of ‘tranquillity’.

The album Yasuragi Land is out on Hyperdub, and as well as its food obsession, there is a distinct lack of bass throughout the album. ‘Sanbashi’ with Cotto Center was my way in.


Lala Lala


‘Diver’ is the kind of indie pop atmospherics that would lead to a breakthrough for the artist. That artist is question is Chicago-based Lillie West aka Lala Lala and it’s from her forthcoming third album I Want The Door To Open out in October on Hardly Art.

The album features WHY?’s Yoni Wolf + Josiah Wolf, Gia Margaret, and Ben Gibbard, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Kara Jackson, OHMME, Hand Habits’ Meg Duffy and more.


Dora Jar


California-based New York-raised Dora Jar is the artist with the punny name who caught my ears with ‘Polly’ a pop song that feels cool and weird and unabashedly present. It’s from the 24-year-old’s debut EP Digital Meadow.



Fast Car

The Internet Syd has really established herself as a solo artist with a fine run of moody R&B music, yet newest song channels ’80s Linndrum vibes in the style of Blood Orange.

Check out my other favourite new tracks in the playlist below:

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