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A Kyiv producer, currently in Kerry, on Ukraine’s electronic music scene

A Kyiv producer, currently in Kerry, on Ukraine’s electronic music scene


I’m Dari Maksymova, a Kyiv-based music producer, born and raised in Eastern Ukraine (aka Donbas).

In early February, I came to Ireland for a workcation. Ireland is incredibly beautiful and peaceful, so it seemed like a perfect place to spend February. I have been in Waterville, County Kerry since February 24th, the day Putin ordered Russian forces to invade Ukraine.

I currently don’t have the emotional bandwidth to enjoy the beauty I’m surrounded by, due to what’s happening in my home country, but staying here gives me peace and safety so that feel I can contribute more to Ukraine in any way possible.

A bit about Dari

My music life started back in 2014, as a bass player and singer for the noise-rock/post-punk band On The Wane. I think post-punk actually was the early basis of my passion for electronic music with its repeating grooves, cold distant voice, and dark aesthetic. (As an aside, I discovered the Irish band Fontaines D.C. recently). It was simply a matter of time before I switched to synthesizers, samples and drum machines.

In 2019, I started writing music as an independent artist, releasing it under the moniker 6TH CROWD. In 2021, I released my second EP What Happened on French 51 Degrees North Recordings.

Right before the war, started I was working on my new album, eager to mix electro grooves and Ukrainian folk music from my region. I’ve self-released the first single just a couple of days ago, to help raise funds for Ukrainian humanitarian aid.

The Ukrainian electronic music scene

The Ukrainian electronic scene is an amazing community where local producers, labels and events work together across a diverse palette of genres. Techno and electro have the widest popularity here. Drum & bass has a smaller but devoted audience, as well as ambient music. Kyiv also has an active community of multi-discipline artists, creating audio-visual performances and exhibitions.

As a brief introduction, I’ll highlight some members of that community.

If you’re into powerful dark flavored techno with a rich sound palette, check out the works of Omon Breaker, Clasps, Louwave, and Splinter (UA).

For those who gravitate towards breakbeats and electro, I’d recommend ​​Radiant Futur, Lostlojic, and Poly Chain.

If you’re looking out for some avant-garde and experimental music, you should give a listen to the incredible Zavoloka and Heinali:

This list isn’t even close to being exhaustive. To get an even better view of the Ukrainian scene, I’ve made a playlist with many more gems.

These days, most members of the community volunteer on a number of different fronts. From fighting together with the army and local defence, manufacturing bulletproof vests, bringing equipment to the frontline, organising humanitarian aid, and helping refugees to find temporary rooms in Europe.

Besides that, Ukrainian labels have collaborated to create a huge 65 track compilation to raise money for our army and humanitarian needs.

A number of Ukrainian artists self-released their music with the same goal – to raise money to help Ukraine survive.

The international music community also helps us a lot. Here’s a list of releases from around the globe. Authors are giving all proceeds to help humanitarian needs:

So go ahead and enrich your music collection for a good cause. Support Ukraine now and come dance with us after we win and rebuild our beautiful home. We dance together, we fight together!

Dari Maksymova aka 6th Crowd.