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A Lankum gig in Germany was cancelled due to their support for Palestine

A Lankum gig in Germany was cancelled due to their support for Palestine

Lankum_Press Photo2- Credit Sorcha Frances Ryder

Lankum’s gig Sunday night in Leipzig was cancelled by the festival due to the band’s show of solidarity with the people of Palestine.

The TransCentury Festival took place over the last few days in Leipzig, Germany and featured Bar Italia, KoKoKo!, Megabog, Hinako Omori and more.

Lankum were due to play Sunday night November 19th along with Gloria De Oliveira, and that Sunday night gig was cancelled due to Lankum’s political stance.

According to a festival statement:

The Lankum & Gloria De Oliveira concerts tonight will not take place.
Lankum represents a political stance that we as a venue and festival do not represent. In consultation with the artists, we have agreed to cancel the concert.

The festival also shared a Code Of Conduct in advance of the gig cancellations saying: “This years festival subtitle is “open you heart“ – gathering to overcome musical genre boundaries – It is important for us to create a space that is non-discriminatory and non-judgmental…” (see it here).

The contrast between the overwhelming support for Palestine in Ireland and Germany’s active repression of pro-Palestine solidarity couldn’t be more stark.

Lankum are set to play one of the biggest ever displays of solidarity in Ireland’s history next Tuesday November 28th, at the 13,000-capacity 3Arena at the gig for Gaza, under the umbrella group Irish Artists For Palestine.

Their statement around that gig said:

“Like most people of sound mind and reason around the globe, we are heartbroken and shocked to see the indiscriminate murder of children and civilians happening for the past few weeks. This, on top of decades of oppression, persecution and dehumanisation is something we can only struggle to comprehend. That is why we are very proud to raise our voices in solidarity with the people of Palestine. It’s the very very least we can do.”

Cormac, Daragh, Ian and Radie. X – Lankum

Support for the Palestinian people, of which, over 13,000 people have been killed by Israel in their stated war against Hamas after the October 7th kidnapping of 250 people and the attacks at the Nova Music festival, have been treated as anti-semitic, and in some places, criminally by Germany.

Germany is among the most pro-Israel countries in Europe

It’s a gross oversimplification and misjudgment of the solidarity shown to people of Palestine under occupation to deem an anti-Israel stance automatically anti-semitic, and a bit of a headspin considering Germany’s history during World War II.

The strong support for the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel in Germany, has lead to a blind support for Israel’s genocidal actions in Palestine, as the Israelis indiscriminately bomb hospitals, refugee camps, neighbourhoods and schools in Gaza’s densely populated areas. It has become publicly, a black and white issue, without any nuance allowed in public discourse.

This political landscape has lead to cancellations for artists or public figures who have show support for the Palestinian people in Germany in particular.

Berlin clubs were already dealing with this issue this summer as reported in RA, and most recently the Youtube streaming platform HÖR (which was founded by two Israeli entrepreneurs) faced criticism for allegedly pulling DJs sets for wearing pro-Palestine clothing.

Lankum’s tour dates:

19th Nov – Transcentury Update Festival, LEIPZIG, Germany
20th Nov – Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, Germany SOLD OUT
22nd Nov – Gretchen, BERLIN, Germany SOLD OUT
23rd Nov – Stadtgarten, KÖLN, Germany SOLD OUT
26th Nov – Paradiso, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands SOLD OUT
28th Nov – 3Arena, DUBLIN, Ireland
13th Dec – The Roundhouse, LONDON, UK SOLD OUT
26th Jan – Albert Hall, MANCHESTER, UK
27th Jan – Boiler Shop, NEWCASTLE, UK
01st Feb – The Beacon, BRISTOL, UK
03rd Feb – Barrowlands, GLASGOW, Scotland
11th Feb – L’Aeronef, LILLE, France
12th Feb – Trabendo, PARIS, France
14th Feb – Marche Gare, LYON, France
15th Feb – Le Brise Glace, ANNECY, France
17th Feb – La Sirene, LA ROCHELLE, France
18th Feb – Santa Kataline, SARE, France
20th Feb – Confort Moderne, POITIERS, France
21st Feb – Indisciplinees, L’ORIENT, France
23rd Feb – Barakason, REZE, France
24th Feb – Antipodes, RENNES, France
18th April – Roadburn Festival, TILLBURG, Netherlands

18th May – Hackney Empire, LONDON, UK
19th May – Hackney Empire, LONDON, UK 


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