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Active Child remixes Wolf Gang & Steve Mason

Active Child remixes Wolf Gang & Steve Mason

active child

active child

Active Child has received plenty of buzz lately. It is the project of a Philadelphia Boys choirboy turned indie-pop musican Pat Gross so the two elements that come to the fore of his music are choral-singing and ’80s synths.

Here’s a luscious and bubbly synth remix of Wolf Gang’s ‘Back to Back’ by Active Child ( who I can’t stop getting mixed up with Shy Child. Grrr) He’s also made a more in-your-face remix of Steve Mason and has some fine solo material flying around the interwebs at the moment. Sample bits and pieces:

Wolf Gang – ‘Back To Back’ Active Child Remix
Steve Mason – ‘Lost and Found’ Active Child Remix
Active Child – ‘Voice of an Old Friend’
Active Child – ‘Voice Of An Old Friend Summer Camp’ Bedford Falls remix

Buy the ‘She Was A Vision’ single | Pitchfork interview.
Thanks to Living Ears for the SXSW live video.