Ailbhe Reddy challenges the norm of social media breakups on ‘Looking Happy’

‘Looking Happy’, the third single from Ailbhe Reddy’s debut album so far is its bounciest yet, which is appropriate as the video features Ailbhe and friends on a bouncy castle.

But, like the song’s themes, Ailbhe is a bit pre-occupied by things in her peripheral, mainly seeing an ex’s outgoing life through social media, even if that may not be reality.

It’s the way we navigate through modern life unforch!

“The song is all about watching someone’s life from afar post-break up. We should all know by now that what people present online is a shiny, happy version of events but sometimes it’s impossible to have that logic when you’re hurting. Most people have probably ended up scrolling through the online profile of an ex and feeling like their life is full of fun parties and holidays, because that’s all people show of their life online”.

Video directed by Ciaran O’Brien and Ailbhe Reddy.

 Listen to ‘Time Difference’ and ‘Between Your Teeth’ from the album Personal History, out October 2nd.

Ailbhe Reddy plays a headline show live at The Workman’s Club on Friday, 2nd October 2020 .

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