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Aislinn Logan’s ‘Fair Game’ is an “anxiety party” pop song

Aislinn Logan’s ‘Fair Game’ is an “anxiety party” pop song


Aislinn Logan has followed up ‘Spree’, a brooding pop song about commitment with ‘Fair Game’, the London-based Northern Irish artists first single for Irish label Faction.

‘Fair Game’ is what Aislinn calls an “anxiety party,” it’s a song that drifts nicely with billowy pop production and effects, that swirls with urgency at points, with Logan addressing the purpose of young adulthood trying to find their place in the world after school and college.

“In a lot of ways it’s not a level playing field, but everyone’s trying to hack away at it, everyone’s doing their best, and we’re all trying to get on with it,” Logan says. “I think nowadays there’s a huge pressure, particularly on young people, to be entirely secure in their direction – to have it all figured out. Oftentimes the opposite is true – it’s about second guessing yourself.”

The track was produced by Kristofer Harris (Ghostpoet, Bear’s Den, Belle & Sebastian) and has been added to Nialler9’s new Irish music playlist on Spotify.

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