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Album premiere: Cat Dowling – The Believer

Album premiere: Cat Dowling – The Believer


Former Alphastates singer returns with an excellent debut solo album.

As former lead singer of Dublin band Alphastates, Cat Dowling has been doing this music thing for a while. On her debut album The Believer she sounds revitalised and focused. Alphastates music was a pleasing blend of electronic-infused pop but it was always a bit easier to admire than to love. Unbound by commitment to other musicians, Dowling’s lone creative vision works much better on The Believer.

Dowling attributes her new creativity to becoming a mother for the first time. “Motherhood is incredibly primal, raw, empowering and beautiful, but itโ€™s also very grounding,” she says. “You no longer mess around with time.”

Dowling’s authorative and expressive voice leads proceedings which generally favour a live band feel employing guitar, piano and violin rather than Alphastates’ style electronica. The band includes producers Karl Odlum and Gerry Horan (formerly of Alphastates).

The Believer has a zip and pep to it. There’s no room for meandering when six tracks on the album are under three minutes. The result is a pleasing collection of songs, that sound like the convicted work of a singer and musician making the kind of music she wants to make.

Tour dates

Thursday 9 May – Bourkes Bar, Limerick
Saturday 11 May – The Grand Social Dublin (Album launch gig)
Tuesday 14 May – The Sky and the Ground Wexford (Candle Light Sessions)

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