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Album stream: Popical Island #2

Album stream: Popical Island #2


Rejoice oh Monday sloggers for today I bring you a package of indie-popical goodness to lighten and brighten your day. Yes, the release of Popical Island compilation #2 is upon us this week and sees the “bockety pop” collective revisit and reshape the Popical aesthetic that appeared little over a year ago in Volume 1.

If you were paying attention in May, you will have heard the funky Tierranniesaur track ‘Here Be Monsters’. That song is a bit of an oddity as the rest of the compilation’s 17 songs takes in a more nostalgic indie-guitar sound than before overall with tracks from Goodly Thousands, Ginnels, We Are Losers, Land Lovers, Squarehead, Groom, Jonny Fun And The Hesitations, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Rhino Magic, Retarded Cop Yeh Deadlies, Hello Moon, Michael Knight, Sea Pinks and more .

Volume #2’s all-day and night launch party in Whelan’s happens this Saturday 25th of June. There, you can pick up hand-packaged CD (with download code) and badges as well as catch live sets from 13 bands on the compilation (and Retarded Cop via satellite?). It’s FREE and starts at 2.30pm. Stage times at Harmless Noise.