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All City Records release their 2018 End of Year Mixtape

All City Records release their 2018 End of Year Mixtape


All City Records is a record shop and label that opened its doors back in July 2001. They specialise in vinyl records & graffiti/street art products and also run a yearly graffiti Jam in Dublin’s Tivoli Theatre Car Park.

They’re back with their annual end of year mixtape mixed by Handsome Paddy and it features an eclectic mix of artists, both Irish and international, and styles and  genres. Check it out below.


Gadget & The Cloud – Always [Little L Records]

Loah – Cortége (Kormac Remix) [Reckless Records)

R. Kitt – Tingle (Pear)

Bobby Analog – Busted [Body Fusion]

Blusher – Pay Out [Patrúin]

TR One – Afrodiscobeatdown [Apartment]

Conny – Song For Eva (Brooklyn Rave Mix) [Cold Tonic]

Quinton Campbell – Luvless [White Label]

Hubie Davison – Feel [Perfect Motion]

Garies – Irlande Nul Points [Major Problems]

Cromby – Retribution [Feel My Bicep]

Derek Carr – Hanging On A String [Craigie Knowes]

Static. – Come Back [Moot Tapes]

Giles Armstrong – SK Safety [First Cut]

Melly – The Beds [Major Problems]

Lee Kelly – Reevaluating (Euphoria Mix) [Wherethetimegoes]

John Daly – Don’t Ever Stop Loving Me [All-City]

Brand & Hamo – Roy Keane [Brand & Hamo]

Tapes Jamaican – Pepper The Jaw [First Cut]

G.E.O. Corp – College Drive (Day Mix) [First Second Label]

Lerosa – Plateau Rosa [eudemonia]

Cignol – Warm Galaxies [Lunar Disko]