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All Tvvins – ‘What’s Happening’

All Tvvins – ‘What’s Happening’

All Tvvins

The Irish duo All Tvvins are back with their first tune since 2021’s ‘Something Special’

‘What’s Happening’ is a return to releasing from Conor Adams and Lar Kaye aka All Tvvins, and the first track from a forthcoming EP out in July on Faction Records.

The song encapsulates the band’s central appeal of bringing rock dynamics to electronically-imbued songwriting.

Singer and bassist Conor Adams says the lyrics touch on a range of themes, including the age of disinformation, irreversible climate devastation, and the rise of artificial intelligence.

The song captures the sense of confusion and foreboding that many people feel in these turbulent times. “It’s a memory that has yet to happen,” Adams says.

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“The song is a retrospective look at the beginning of the end” and reflects his own struggles to find hope in the face of these daunting challenges.

“It’s asking for shelter in the eye of the storm, hoping that there’s a chance for protection but knowing there’s something I can’t ignore, so destructive, happening all around me, around everyone.”

“What’s Happening” is out now on all major streaming platforms.






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