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Anna Meredith – ‘Nautilus’

Anna Meredith – ‘Nautilus’


Anna Meredith
What’s the product of a musician who grows up in a generation whose musical zeitgeist could be described as bombastic, whose peers are prone to asking “where’s the drop?” and who are winning the loudness war by mass adoption of soul-crushing non-dynamic chart dance? What’s the product of someone versed in electro/acoustic composition but equally informed by popular culture? Anna Meredith’s ‘Nautilus’ sounds like that juxtaposition. Like the razor-wire claustrophobic strings of Justice’s ‘Stress’, the song’s galloping cascading horns provide the repetition. But it’s not utilitarian or mechanical, soul drips from its crevasses, as does severe bombast. Then three minutes in, a big beat drops following a LFO-synth into battle and were off. Exuberant!

Anna Meredith is a Scottish composer whose credentials include being a resident composer of BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, performed with the London Sinfonietta, the BBC Last Night of the Proms and mentored Goldie in his composter forays. ‘Nautilus’ is taken from the Black Prince Fury EP, which features a song that samples ‘The Power Of Love’ by Jennifer Rushe and was released on indie label Moshi Moshi Records. I’m not sure what but she’s the future of something. A video for the track and ‘The Power Of Love’ track follows…