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Annuals live in Whelans

Annuals live in Whelans



What was to be Whelans last gig until September while it closes for renovations, resulted in a venue with a half-full capacity and a strange atmosphere. Whelans is far from my favourite venue in the world and the stand-offish crowd that occupies the venue pervaded the atmosphere there. By the time Annuals took the stage to little fanfare it was 11pm, and the band thanked people for sticking around on a Monday night.

It was cool to finally see Annuals after I was blown away by “Brother” last year. They are a young band and it showed in a messy energetic performance of songs from Be He Me. The singer Adam Baker strains to reach the high notes and falls over a monitor, synth player Anna Spence gave the audience “sexy eyes” all night, Kenny Florence shreds his guitar with aplomb, Mike Robinson rocks his bass in a Nu-Metal style skiffling on the spot accentuating every word, while the other guitarist jumped onto the second drumkit for some synchronised drum action.

It was a good-not great set, which suggests that Annuals could get where they want to go on their next record. No member is over the age of 22 so they have time on their side. Tonight, they support the Flaming Lips in the Marquee in Cork.

Annuals – Brother live

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