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Architecture in Helsinki DJ /Rupture remix

Architecture in Helsinki DJ /Rupture remix

DJ Rupture / Arcitecture in Helsinki

You know we’re a big fans of Architecture in Helsinki around here and now another hero of ours, DJ /Rupture (hell, he even linked to us once!) has remixed the new single “Heart it Races” into a Jamaican sunshine anthem with Dr. Lee G. Rupture uses the steel drums of the original and builds a brand new tune out of it hence renaming the tune “Adrenaline”.


Architecture in Helsinki-Adrenalin DJ Rupture Ital Hymn feat Dr.Lee G

The single is out on June 5th and you can hear it on their myspace. There are also remixes from A-Trak, YACHT, Pink Skull, Franc Tetaz and more to seek out.

Ridiculous video too.


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