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Arriving at Night… Victor Bermon

Arriving at Night… Victor Bermon


Victor Berman

Ah…some nice warm organic electronica from Victor Bermon for a Monday morning. Victor is from Perth, Australia and is signed to Hefty Records, making him labelmates with previously featured artist Eliot Lipp and Telefon Tel Aviv. Hefty are releasing Victor’s debut Arriving at Night, which is an apt title considering it’s one of those releases that may just creep up on you, quietly working it’s way onto your playlists. I love the typewriter beats on “Farewell Lunch for Laura” although I keep thinking there’s something wrong with my computer every time I listen to it. From what I’ve heard of the rest of the album, it’s chock full of chiming guitars over emotive sounding synths and I’d recommend the album if you like the track below.


Victor Berman – Farewell Lunch for Laura


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