, This Dublin female producer Bad Bones’ new single is deadly

Bad Bones is a new Dublin female producer who has promised to release her debut EP this Spring.

From the sound of Sal Stapleton’s new single ‘Beg’, Bad Bones is a hugely interesting talent. The song’s chopped and screwed style is paired with a tense house-facing electronic production. There is enough wooziness in the production to detect a love of dance music’s underground in her style, reminiscent of Maya Jane Coles.

Vocally, Stapleton has a Robyn-style whisper going on. Unlike her song released a few years back, there’s a clarity to the production and track that gives it, what she calls herself an “eerie, rhythmic pop” vibe.

I only denote she is a female producer in the title as I think we need more of them so any highlighting is only to encourage not to define.

You can catch Bad Bones play live in Mart this Saturday at Mart alongside Owensie at Seasons.