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Band Of Blogs: Fang Island, Kitty Pryde, Nguzunguzu & Rebecca Brandt

Band Of Blogs: Fang Island, Kitty Pryde, Nguzunguzu & Rebecca Brandt


Every Friday, I pick out four new music picks from the best of music blogs worldwide as part of my Day & Night digital section. Follow Day & Night on Twitter or Facebook. The magazine is out today in print with every copy of the Irish Independent so pick it up to see my full section as well as the rest of the mag. My picks for the this week are…


Freaky deaky club sounds are the main characteristic of LA duo Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda’s electronic music. The LA duo’s Warm Pulse EP promises to get even weirder. It’s pronounced ‘en-goo-zoo-en-goo-zoo’ FYI.

Fang Island

The Brooklyn indie band who once described themselves as “everyone high-fiving everyone”, return with optimistic doses of guitar rock on their second album Major. Party on.

Kitty Pryde

Ke$ha for the Tumblr rap generation? The virally-introduced Daytona Beach rapper has already dissed last year’s rap meme Kreayshawn with the line “I just came for the fries with the Carne Asada, and to prove I can go a lot harder than Gucci Gucci Louis Louis Fendi Fendi Prada.”

Rebecca Brandt

Brandt is a New York composer of contemporary classic electro-acoustic music and her independently released debut album Numbers & Shapes, which she spent two years working on, has been gaining fans in the right internet circles.

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