10 of the best Irish songs this week

Featuring Bog Band, Lil Skag, Orla Gartland, Evie, Stella And The Dreaming, Nixer, Brawni, D*mp, Pier, Fräulein.

Telkura - band. promo pic.
10 recommended new Irish songs this week

Featuring: Oisin Leech, Telekura, Blimp, Brawni, Brian Ring, K.P Ring, Eithne, The Expert, Robbie Stickland, Orchids, PANIKATAX.

Watch: Brawni drops first episode from US Sonic Explorations series

Hot off the heels of his recent performance at Sionna, Limerick electronic artist Brawni has…

Brawni drops first music video off forthcoming killer four-track exploring underground cults

Limerick-native Brawni has dropped the debut release on the new label of Irish party-starters Cabal,…

Watch: Brawni performs live modular tune ‘Xander Harris’ atop a cliff in Barcelona

Brawni, the alias of Limerick electronic producer and performer Dillion Reid, has been dropping a series of live modular videos from locations around Europe and Ireland throughout the last few months

The 10 best tracks released today

With Braxe & Falcon, Peggy Gou, Soulwax, Ross From Friends ,Kelly Lee Owens, Jeshi, Kean Kavanagh, Warpaint, Flume, Caroline Polacheck, Kae Tempest, Grian Chatten, Brawni, David Holmes.

14 new Irish songs you should hear this week

Featuring NewDad, Henry Earnest, Leo Pearson, Púca, Aoife, Neil Dexter, First Class & Coach, Brawni, Muttonhead, Firm City, Viscose, Willhouse, GI, Sequence, YAWA.