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Watch: Brawni performs live modular tune ‘Xander Harris’ atop a cliff in Barcelona

Watch: Brawni performs live modular tune ‘Xander Harris’ atop a cliff in Barcelona


Brawni, the alias of Limerick electronic producer and performer Dillion Reid, has been dropping a series of live modular videos from locations around Ireland and parts of Europe throughout the last few months.

To date, the artist has released videos of performances from the Corralejo dunes near Fuerteventura, Lisbon, Blessington Lakes, the top of a mountain in Tenerife, and now in the newest installment of the series we see Brawni play atop a cliff in Barcelona following Primavera 2022.

In ‘Xander Harris’, named after the producer’s favourite Buffy The Vampire Slayer character, Brawni takes his many synths, drum machines, loop pedals, and sequencers to Morro de l’Abella, a cliff overlooking the Sau reservoir in Tavertet, Catalonia.

Brawni performs ‘Xander Harris’

Brawni says his solo work under the moniker puts a heavy focus on both recording and performing live electronic music through what he described as a “no concept/intentionless approach to creation”.

“​​The idea for this series stemmed from me insisting on bringing my portable synths in a suitcase wherever I travelled. After spending some time away on the Canary Islands I convinced some crew members to help me make a live performance video in the Corralejo desert. Since then, we have travelled around to continue filming, releasing one video each month.”


The camera work for the video was provided by Oliwia Szafran and Cóilín Phelan.

Watch the ‘Xander Harris’ below: