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Watch: Brawni drops first episode from US Sonic Explorations series

Watch: Brawni drops first episode from US Sonic Explorations series

Hot off the heels of his recent performance at Sionna, Limerick electronic artist Brawni has unveiled the next set of performances in his YouTube series, Brawni’s Sonic Explorations.

The new set of videos sees the trailblazing artist craft unique tracks inspired by specific locations before embarking on a journey to perform these compositions live on-site.

It was filmed during a 10-day trip across America, showcasing breathtaking performances against the stunning backdrops of Arches National Park, Dumont Dunes, Joshua Tree, and Los Angeles.

The first episode is from the striking red rock formations of Arches National Park, with the rest of the episodes coming out over the next four months until the end of the year.

Brawni at Arches National Park

The journey of ‘Sonic Explorations’ has taken Brawni and his audience on a remarkable trip so far with the producer previously releasing performances from the Corralejo dunes near FuerteventuraLisbonBlessington Lakes, the top of a mountain in Tenerife and atop a cliff in Barcelona.

In the case of Arches National Park, I imagined this mysterious place far away from our normal world. The arches themselves seem to have characteristics similar to spirits frozen in time.

The gaps in these arches have an otherworldly quality, like a portal through to another world. The emptiness in the arch has an airy quality while the rocks contrast with their solid red shape.

With this in mind I started with an ephemeral sound using FM modulations that sounds like wind blowing through a gulch. I then juxtaposed this with a solid but psychedelic drop which to me characterises the strange red rock.

I limited myself to using only the hardware I would use for the performance which honestly birthed so much creativity in making these.


Watch Brawni’s Sonic Explorations first episode at Arches National Park below:

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