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The 10 best new tracks released today: Rosalía, Hubbabubbaklubb, JarJarJnr & more

The 10 best new tracks out today – Rosalía, Cate Le Bon, Mitski, Cbakl, The Line, Kae Tempest, JarJarJar, Jehnova, Hubbabubbaklubb, Telephones, Touts.

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Featuring Lyra, Maverick Sabre, SSMMÜTT, Enola Gay, Stevie Appleby, Cooks But We’re Chefs, Owls, Jar Jar Jr, Travi The Native, riawaavy

Cabal are hosting two boat parties on the Shannon with Wastefellow, P. Disconaut, Jar Jar Jr & more

The ever industrious Limerick club collective Cabal are back and spending their Department of Culture…

Jar Jar Jr releases MF DOOM tribute mixtape MM..Dessert

Three years ago the Cork hip-hop producer Jar Jar Jr released Fallen Angel an MF…

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Cork producer JarJarJr delivers blissful hip-hop with Free Parking On Sundays EP

The lo-fi hip-hop producer moves out of his comfort zone and into a impressive new sound.

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Irish hip-hop: The freshest class of 2019.

Cork producer Jar Jar Jr’s Fallen Angel melds Madvillainy into new shapes

One of Cork’s lesser-known musical success stories is Robert O’Halloran, a beatmaker better known in…