Julie Byrne & Nadia Reid will both play a show together at Whelan’s in Dublin on August 30th.

The New-York singer-songwriter Julie Byrne released the fine album Not Even Happiness in January of ethereal folk music and ambient music, while  New Zealand songwriter Nadia Reid released her second album Preservation last month.

Tickets priced €16 go on sale Wednesday @ 9am from www.ticketmaster.ie

Posted on March 20th, 2017


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With so many releases flying at you, here are 6 vetted listens from Nialler9 for you this week, as collated in the Nialler9 New Albums Spotify playlist, updated weekly.


Bonobo – Migration

My album of the week. Bonobo’s sixth album is nomadic & intimate, open-minded and expansive drawing on his ambient chill trademark and tougher almost clubbier sounds with guest vocals from Hundred Waters, Nick Murphy, Rhye and Morrocco’s Innov Gnawa.

Favourite tracks: ‘Outlier’, ‘Surface’

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Austra – Future Politics

Katie Stelmanis’ third album as Austra feels looser than her previous work, and despite the title, more human. The operatic synth-pop is still very much there and the politics of the title feels rooted in the personal.

Favourite tracks: ‘Utopia’, ‘I Love You More Than You Love Yourself’

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Julie Byrne – Not Even Happiness

The New-York singer-songwriter Julie Byrne is known for ethereal folk music and her new second album Not Even Happiness is a calming listen of gentle folk and ambient textures.

Favourite tracks: ‘Natural Blue’, ‘I Live Now As A Singer’

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SOHN – Rennen

Since the release of his 2014 debut, SOHN has moved continents, got married and is this week, expecting his first child. In the same time he’s also managed to hugely improve his songcraft which to this point always worked best writing for others. Rennen is an album of alt-synth singer-songwriter music with touches of spacious R&B and orchestral atmospherics.

Favourite tracks: ‘Harbour’, ‘Conrad’

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Loyle Carner – Yesterday’s Gone

Upcoming London rapper with a relaxed vocal style, Carner’s debut album dropped today and his Uber driver is a fan. This is a lyrical-focused largely drawing on laidback jazz and hip-hop beats. Carner plays The Workman’s Club on February 2nd.

Favourite tracks: ‘The Isle Of Arran’, ‘No CD’.

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The latest release on Awesome Tapes From Africa features singer Awa Poulo of Peulh origin from Dilly commune in Mali on the border of Mauritania features eight new tracks of folk-pop of the region with Poulo singing atop loose guitar, flute, n’goni (lute), calabash gourd hand percussion.

Favourite tracks: ‘Djulau’, ‘Noumou Foli’.

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Posted on January 20th, 2017


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This is only a selection of new music – dig into more.
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Black Madonna – ‘He is the Voice I Hear’

For the first top new song to hear this year, this is going to be hard to beat. The Black Madonna is a Chicago DJ and producer, and a former booker at Smart Bar. She finished 2016 topping the DJ polls and 2017 looks set to be even bigger.Starting with music that is bigger in scope than most.

‘He is the Voice That I Hear’ is a song recorded with an ensemble of live musicians and is a joyous 10 minutes of music that draws from house, disco and gospel in its creation – a stirring stringed dancefloor epic. It was originally released in short-supply vinyl in November but was released digitally today.


The xx – ‘Say Something Loving’

The new album from the xx, I See You, drops on Friday and based off ‘On Hold’ and the newest track ‘Say Something Loving’, the London trio are embracing grander emotions and Jamie’s production. The central need for affection and acceptance is fastened in is their M.O.


Julie Byrne – ‘I Live Now As A Singer’

The New-York singer-songwriter Julie Byrne is known for ethereal folk music and her new second album Not Even Happiness arrives on Friday. The last track on the album, ‘I Live Now As A Singer’ eschewing her normal guitar style, presents a moving electro-leaning Twin Peaksian ballad, reminscent of Rhye and Majikal Cloudz.


Dirty Projectors -‘Little Bubble’

Dirty Projectors’ new material sounds like its embracing love, loss and new textures. ‘Keep My Name’, the first song from them in a while, gave us warbled bruised music.

‘Little Bubble’ is similarly hurt but more directly connected to the heart in its tones and notions. Things fall apart, bubbles burst, healing is possible? The combination of Rhodes piano, strings, digitally-skewed drums and acoustic guitar suggest its possible, and Longstreth’s “we had our own bubble / for a while.” is resigned but hopeful.

Album details are yet to be revealed.


Alexandria – ‘Walk Away’

Released this past weekend, the Atlanta singer’s 15-track album Cut For Cloth should find listeners in fans of Kelela and Solange. ‘Walk Away’ is an early highlight.


Ganiyu TLG – ‘SHIVERS’ ft HUVA

The Dublin beatmaker Plant Food dropped a fine EP of Brainfeeder-style beats late last year, that suggests a talent yet to be fully explored.

Meanwhile, Ganiyu TLG is an Athy, Kildare-based emcee and member of MASSAI313 hip-hop society whose music has moved between rap, grime, electronic and dance music, trying out different styles (more heard below) and an EP called 21st Century Black.

‘Shivers’ the newest collaboration between them, has a grime lean and features ‘Huva’ also on the cut. Plant Food’s production is creepy like droplets of water.

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SOHN – ‘Hard Liquor’

Vienna producer and musicians Sohn has had more success producing for others so it’s nice to hear something substantial again coming under his own name. ‘Hard Liquor’ is the latest single from the forthcoming Rennen LP next week on 4AD, his second Sohn LP and the song is an electro-beating reintroduction.

My baby don’t need a song / My baby won’t sing along / She don’t need my muscle cause her liquor strong

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Posted on January 9th, 2017

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