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Kestine ft Outsider YP – Heartache

Coming from a religious background, Cork based rapper Kestine has brought a gospel music appreciation into his own style of rap. Here he teams up with Outsider YP on their new track ‘Heartache’ which explores the struggles of being a millennial in Ireland.


Just Wondering – Worth it

Dublin Just Wondering are a duo made up of Jack O’Shaughnessy and Wale Akande and ‘Worth It’ is a synth-draped ambient pop song that boasts complementary vocals from both sides. A video shot which was shot at a house party adds an extended atmospheric element.


Nocturnes – Humans

Ambient folk singer Nocturnes‘ new track emphasises Pearse McGloughlin’s powerful vocals and an Irish language version of the track is also offered for added effect. The single launch takes place in The Workmans Club on Thursday November 16th.


Peter Vogelaar & DJ Madrid – Blues for Roger (feat. Avery R. Young )

Waterford-based producer Peter Vogelaar and Chicago-based DJ Madrid bring you their new collaboration track ‘Blues for Roger’ featuring soulful vocals from singer Avery R. Young. The track will be released this Friday November 10th. Here’s how they met.


New Pope – Love

Galway-based folk singer David Boland leaves a very nostalgic old time feel with this track ‘Love’ off his second album. The video is edited from a 1961 anti-drug educational film, the latest in a series of videos by New Pope edited from vintage home movies. He is set to release a third album later this month.


Disconcerting P – My Heart Bursts

‘My Heart Bursts’ from Naas native Padraig McCauley or Disconcerting P soothes you in and brings out his soft toned harmonising vocals in a relaxed fashion. This track offers a great deal of passion that is consistent throughout the entire 8-track album I Love You to Death.

Posted on November 8th, 2017


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The Waterford musician and producer Peter Vogelaar released an eclectic album called The Science Of Summer which features guests Deaf Joe, Katie Kim, Cat Dowling, Ken Lally, Susan O’Neill & Aisling Browne.

“I wanted to make an electronica/folktronica album, loosely conceptual, that captured the energy and atmosphere of a summers day. The real obstacle was trying to give the album a continuity with all these guest vocalists who had their own personality and flavour. I went back to a lot of the internal sounding albums that turned me onto music years ago by Nick Drake, Linda Perhacs, Sandy Denny and John Martyn – but at the same time I was soaking up a lot of (mostly) instrumental music that had a sort of awareness to it, producers like Gold Panda, Lapalux and Bonobo.”

As a taster, get a load of the video for ‘Television’ which features Ken Lally on vocals.

Vogelaar also plays bass with the Dead Heavys.

Listen to the album below. It’s on iTunes and Spotify too.

Posted on May 16th, 2016