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9 new Irish songs you should hear this week

9 new Irish songs you should hear this week

Luke Sharkey

A lot of Irish music comes Nialler9’s way and there’s little time to feature everything we think is worthy of a thumbs up or more ears. Every week, we collate the songs that pass our writers that deserve to be heard by you. For more extensive Irish coverage, follow our Spotify playlist or hit up the Irish section.


Senu ft. Jamel Franklin


Dublin producer Senu wrote an album in a singular day, inspired by his frustration with insomnia.

Not that ‘Jetlag’ (which features vocals from Jamel Franklin) would put you in a mind to sleep, it’s a bass-heavy, hard-hitting hip-hop tune. Super fresh stuff.


Blood Donor


Blood Donor is the new project from ex-Otherkin member Luke Reilly. ‘Bienvenue’ is an impressive debut single from the project.

Sugar-coated indie-rock complete with an earworm hook. Looking forward to hearing more from Blood Donor in the near future.


Pat Lagoon

Take Time

‘Take Time’ is Waterford Mc Pat Lagoon’s best new material in a cool minute. Set to a downtempo pop beat, complete with trap hi-hats. Lagoon’s vocal delivery is melodic and clear, the production around it, is sharp.



Not Touching (Can’t Get Mad)

Barq’s first new single since 2018 arrived recently in the form of ‘Not Touching (Can’t Get Mad)’.

The new single feels congruent to the rest of the material the band have in their discography. There’s a solid funk backbone to ‘Not Touching’, the backbone around which the rest of arrangement organises. Jess Kavanagh’s vocals remain compelling, delivered with emotional conviction and perfect pitch. Barq are a band that are continually honing and improving their own distinct sound.


Sunken Foal

Barley Stick

Sunken Foal – ‘Barley Stick’ from Counter on Vimeo.

Sunken Foal have a new album out in April. Released via Countersunk Records, Hexose will be publically available on April 24th.

‘Barley Stick’ is the first single to be released from the project, just over five minutes of blissful experiemental electronica.


Willzee & Delush

Dear Friend II

A superb spoken-word piece from emerging Limerick poet Willzee, with music provided via Berlin-based Delush. Includes some very hard-hitting lines on performative masculinity. The best in spoken word that you’ll hear this week.


Peter Vogelaar X Deaf Joe

Felicity Breathes

Waterford musician Peter Vogelaar teams up with Deaf Joe on new lo-fi electronic cut ‘Felicity Breathes’.

This is a dark, chopped up piece of electronica. There’s a soulfulness about the vocal delivery and melody, one that is compellingly contrasted by an emotionally bleak arrangement.


Isaac Nelson

Mood Fades

The first single under new moniker from Isaac Nelson (FKA Bobby Basil) is a message of self-empowerment laid over a pop-trap beat.


Caleb Kunle ft. Deena Ade

Til I’m Numb

A woozy, down-tempo R&B collaboration between Caleb Kunle and Deena Ade. Vocal production is really emotive on this one, giving the whole track a rich texture and sonic depth. The bassline catching the final notes of the refrain is the cherry atop the cake.

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