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Baths remix Fol Chen on free EP

Baths remix Fol Chen on free EP

fol chen

fol chen
Appearing on the free Fol Chen In Ruins EP, this Baths remix has put the Anticon-released album Cerulean at the top of my listening list for this week. Will Wiesenfeld is a producer from LA steeped in the same Brainfeeder scene that Flying Lotus and Daedelus are a part of.

Fol Chen – In Ruins (Baths Remix)

After that though, this free EP and Fol Chen’s ‘The Holograms’ means I will be checking out their album Part II: The New December out on Asthmatic Kitty this month. Grab the free In Ruins EP which features remixes from Baths, Keepaway, a cover by Karin Tatoyan and more. The random video that kicked this small discovery off is after the jump.

Fol Chen – In Ruins (Radio Edit)

Fol Chen – The Holograms

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