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Nialler9 Weekly playlist


Professor Rhythm – Leave Me Alone

The always-reliable Awesome Tapes from Africa digs up a 1995 kwaito dance gem from South Africa’s Professor Rhythm. The label has had some great stuff in 2017 including Umoja’s 707′ and Om Alec Khaoli ‘Say You Love Me’ and this is no different. Joy. Brian and his Awesome Tapes From Africa are in the Sugar Club in Dublin on November 11th with Super Silly, Farah Elle courtesy of Woweembeem.

The Go! Team are back and for their first song since 2015’s The Scene Between. The Brighton band arrive with ‘Semicircle Song’ with a marching band, The Detroit Youth Choir. The band’s mastermind Ian Parton took inspiration from Northern soul, Japanese indie-pop and old-school hip hop and went to Detroit to record with a marching band and choir.


Boy Harsher – Westerners

Massachusetts duo Boy Harsher impressed me with the dark and swirling ‘Motion’ and here’s another from their debut EP, a pulsating electro track with atmospheric care-free abandon and an old-school beat.


SONDAR – Ready

Effervescent electro pop from Cait and Katie, a duo from Nashville.


Burial – Rodent

I’d become less interested in recent Burial releases due to familiarity or apathy. That’s on me perhaps but the latest track from the enigmatic producer finds him in his most direct clubbing state in quite a while. From the the relentless bassline to the hypnotic vocal line to the snatches of sax, ‘Rodent’ is a fresh sound from a producer who already has a trailblazing tag.


Palmbomen II – Ultimate Lovestory Fantasy

The latest release, Memories of Cindy 3, from the LA producer has his trademark textured ambience in full effect: revealing itself like a soft breath in a warm fogged tunnel.


Four Tet – Lush

A mellow and melodic highlight from Kieran Hebden’s largely understated new record New Energy.


St. Vincent – Pills

Annie Clark’s Jack Antonoff-produced album Masseduction is out today. Clark has always been one to root for – as a kickass female artist in a male-dominated guitar space, she’s proved herself more talented and ambitious than anyone yet sometimes, her songs remain stubborn to letting you in beyond admiration. ‘Pills’ is maybe the most pop thing Clark has ever done but it doesn’t lose the swagger that got her to where she is in the first place. She’s in Dublin next week.


Baths – Out

Will Wiesenfeld is back as Baths with a new album Romaplasm on Anticon on November 17th and the album takes inspiration from anime and video games. ‘Out’ has that vivd bounce to it and Will says the title is “a dual meaning—either referring to someone going out for the night, or being an out gay person. It touches on the intersection of both but mostly deals with how I feel in a club environment.” Here’s first single ‘Yeoman’.


King Krule – Half Man Half Shark

Archy Marshall’s newest album as King Krule might be his most complete yet (one listen in). Marshall has a tendency to let his drawl do all the work on tracks sometimes but there’s plenty of shade and energy on the new record to warrant further investigation. It’s still got that loose jazz feel at times and ‘Half Man Half Shark’ is one such typical highlight.

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Posted on October 13th, 2017

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1. Nicolas Jaar

The Undergrowth Stage: 8:45pm – 10:45pm

As part of Darkside, the young Chilean American experimental musician Nico Jar ramped up the spectacle but kept the music on the experimental side. His solo works shares that project’s ambient electronic style and Jaar gives the sense he’s always searching for more in himself. His latest release is Nymphs II, which shows where he’s at now – it’s heady experimental electronic compositions for feet and heads.

2. Tei Shi

Somewhere Else Stage: 8pm – 8:45pm

Probably the one true American buzz band of the festival, Tei Shi is the name chosen by Argentinian-born NYC-based Glass Animals collaborator Valerie Teicher whose music moves between siren synth pop and gentle harmonic pop.

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Posted on May 27th, 2015


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Tracks of the Week playlist

1. Dat Oven – ‘Icy Lake’

A weird and wonderful 9-minute tune from 1998 getting a re-release on Fade To Mind/Night Slugs after DJ Total Freedom discovered it on Youtube. Documentary backstory here.

2. Fatima Al Qadiri – ‘Shanghai Freeway’

A sino-grime influenced instrumental from Al Qadiri’s imagined China new album Asiatisch on Hyperdub. From this week’s album of the week.

3. Go Wolf – ‘One More Night’

A nimble potential indie-pop hit from the Belfast trio.

4. Bobby Tank – ‘Undone’

Tagged as #dontgiveafuckstep and #vaporwave on Soundcloud about sums this electronic synth jam up. Out next week.

5. Kelela & Tink – ‘Want It’

DJ Dahi produces a smooth R&B collaboration from the pair for the Songs From Scratch series.

6. Banks – ‘Goddess’

Banks posted the title track from the album due in September.

7. Jude – ‘Crystals’

“The Lorde comparison is high praise for a debut track from a new artist seeing as she’s gone and taken over the music world in the last year. And Jude., a new band from West Palm Beach, Florida definitely have something going on.”

8. Ramona Lisa – ‘Dominic’

From Caroline Polachek of Chairlift’s debut solo album out this week.

9. Salva – ‘Drop That Bitch’ featuring Kurupt, ScHoolboy Q, Problem & Bad Lucc

A top-grade bass-heavy club track from Salva who managed to rope in Kurupt and ScHoolboy Q. The track features samples of the remix of Eazy E’s ‘Boyz In The Hood’ and LL Cool J’s ‘Three The Hard Way’.

10. Baths – ‘Ocean Death’

“Here’s a more relentless track which has more in common with beat-driven house and techno than his previous output. It’s from Ocean Death, the new EP out next week on Anticon.”

Posted on May 2nd, 2014

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A stylistic change of direction is something that might not be a smart move for an artist that has cultivated their own unique style and sound as Will Wiesenfeld has over recent Baths records. But as his side-projects Geotic and [Post-Foetus] show, there’s much more to him than glitchy electronica, and in fairness, last year’s bleak electronic album Obsidian pushed things forward sonically.

‘Ocean Death’ though is a bigger leap. Here’s a more relentless track which has more in common with beat-driven house and techno than his previous output. It’s from Ocean Death, the new EP out next week on Anticon. It’s said to share Obsidian’s dark tone overall (new material being worked on for the third album is much happier) but perhaps a minimal techno beat is a better accompaniment to the morbid sentiments than Wiesenfeld is putting across.

Posted on April 30th, 2014



bathsIt’s the week before large paths of the music industry descend on Austin for the annual music-feeding frenzy that is South By South West and naturally, those artists who have new releases on the way are keen to show them off while there. Enter, Baths who will followup the skittering electronic brilliance of Cerulean with Obsidian (lava-formed rock), an album he first started making through a severe and prolonged bout of E.Coli virus which left him bedridden for months.

As a result, much of the new material alludes or outright covers a darkness not previously heard in his music as does the bleak artwork. ‘Miasma Sky’ though despite painful references to being “tall rock shelf are you maybe here to hurt myself” and bounces along in a TEED-style gentle pace with a violin reprise lifting the spirits skyward.

Obsidian is out on Anticon on May 24th-28th.

Posted on March 7th, 2013



It’s been a while since Will Wiesenfeld was featured here. But the Anticon producer who trades as Baths has teamed up with the Japanese artist Cokiyu on her new EP on a track called ‘Twinkle Way’. It’s a genuine slice of lush Asian electronic-pop, the kind that Grimes has been inspired by. At a guess, I’d say Wiesenfeld contributes to the overall production including beats, melody and backing vocals.

(From the Haru EP)

Posted on February 14th, 2013


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Here’s a roundup of all the other bands and artists worth writing about I caught at SXSW.

But first.. one of the benefits of attending SXSW is the stuff you get to check out afterwards after word of mouth recommendations.

Acts I missed: Big Boi, TV On The Radio, Generationals, Hunx & His Punx, Oh Land, Lia Ices, Colin Stetson, Evan Voytas, Kanye, The Strokes, Sun Airway, Spank Rock, Julianna Barwick, Starfucker, Rainbow Arabia, Bosco Delrey.

Acts I saw but didn’t cover here: Chromeo, Mount Kimbie, Nite Jewel, Brahms, Dom, Ted Leo, Beat Connection, Cadence Weapon, Curren$y, FaltyDL, The Fresh & Onlys, Chk Chk Chk, Guards, Kurt Vile, Creep, American Royalty.

Acts I need to check out properly as a result of SXSW tips: MatthewDavid, Low Limit, Mazes, Oberhofer, PS I Love You, La Big Vic, Yellow Ostrich, The Luyas, Little Red, Shabazz Palaces, Fever Fever, Puro Instinct.

Millionyoung @ Austin Convention Center

While wandering around the ginormous space that is the Austin Convention Center, I bumped into Millionyoung playing a show at a gear expo. Well in the foyer beside a Starbucks. It’s was a pretty weird experience but the three-piece managed to pull it off in the end with a reverb-heavy engaging set. The Good Natured followed them in the same place.

Clock Opera @ Lattitude 30

My last band at the festival were probably one of my favourites. Anyone familiar with Clock Opera’s epic and rising tracks thus far will be sated by just how tight the band were live. In fact these edifying, accomplished and brilliant songs like ‘Belongings’, ‘One And For All’ and ‘A Piece Of String’ are pretty joyous in a festival-defining kind of way.
Belongings by moshi moshi music

Posted on March 24th, 2011


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Hey, I’m talking here!!..

Baths can do no wrong lately. Will Wiesenfeld was just chilling in New York post-CMJ after a successful string of shows and he came up with this gorgeous ditty.

Buy his album Cerulean. I’ll keep writing about Baths until I learn to spell Cerulean (which means “dark blue, blue or blue-green”) which is probably never so just go buy it.

Baths – Pop Song

Check out Baths on Facebook.

Posted on October 27th, 2010



Any excuse to remind you to check out Baths brilliant album Cerulean is an opportunity that will be taken on this blog. Will Wiesenfeld is a producer from Los Angeles steeped in the Brainfeeder electronic scene that spawned Flying Lotus and Daedelus and Cerulean is one of my favourite releases of the year.

The above song is new taken from a free 5-track EP which also geatures two Star Slinger remixes, Wise Blood, Fol Chen and CoolRunnings. Listen below or download it here.

Posted on October 19th, 2010

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What’s been pumping on my playlists this week. Click the arrow above to play.

Featuring the Bon Iver and Kanye collaboration which also features Jay-Z and a head-turning verse from Nicki Minaj, a new Theophilus London song, tracks from great albums by Glasser, Baths, Shit Robot, Halves, Sufjan Stevens, Blackbird Blackbird, Magic Kids, a newer one from Sea Pinks and a El-P guest appearance on the Das Racist mixtape.

Posted on September 24th, 2010


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