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Best Kids TV Show ever!

Best Kids TV Show ever!

Pancake Mountain

Washington DC’s Pancake Mountain is a kids TV show with a difference. It features energetic LITTLE kids dancing not to day-glo smiley pop acts but bands such as the Arcade Fire, The Go! Team, Metric, The Subways, Anti Flag, The Fiery Furnaces, Shonen Knife and George Clinton. It’s quite bizarre but great fun to watch.

Creator Scott Stuckey says the show appeals to younger minds through witty word play and great music. “Since I’ve started the show, I’ve gotten a ton of CDs and e-mails from bands that do ‘children’s music,’ which is great, but it kind of misses the point, Really good art, whether it is music, film, or what-have-you, transcends age, race, and gender.” Click to watch videos of the performances. Thanks to Pancake Mountain for reminding me of this track.


The Subways – Oh Yeah

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