, Bleeding Heart Pigeons – ‘Visiting Myself In Hospital’ (video)
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Bleeding Heart Pigeons – ‘Visiting Myself In Hospital’ (video)

Limerick’s Bleeding Heart Pigeons debut EP In A Room in Littleton, Colorado is out now on Virgin Records and to remind you of that, the young teens Micháel Keating, Cathal Histon and Brendan McInerney have made their own video for the song ‘Visiting Myself In Hospital’ and its simple setup with the two members in solemn poses and one running a treadmill is a different take on the lyric video idea. The band clearly want you to focus on the lyrics which as I said before concern the imagined thoughts of one of the killers in the Columbine high-school massacre. Not all puppy-dog eyes and adolescent crushes so these guys…

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