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Not that I need another award to validate this blog’s existence (two is enough and blogging is like a drug addiction. I just can’t stop!) but the Irish Blog Award nominations are open again for 2009. If you’d like to show your appreciation for anything that has appeared here you can vote for me in Best Irish Music Blog and maybe make it a hat-trick so I can retire from the awards rigamarole.

Personally, the Irish music blogs I’ve enjoyed over the last year include Darragh’s brilliant written heap, Jim’s essential popular On The Record blog (Though the comments can lean towards senseless bullshit internet comments at times), Una’s blog (Happy 4th birthday), egoeccentric and Thrill Pier. The rest are in my daily link section down there on the right. I’ve also added loads of entries to the music blog section so check them out.

So in summary, if you like this site drop over the the noms page and give myself and your other favourite bloggers a vote of confidence. The vote closes on Wednesday apparently so you can either vote now or send me money later as thanks. Your choice. Best of luck!

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