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Jaydiohead -2009’s first worthy mashup album

Jaydiohead -2009’s first worthy mashup album


We’ve been here before.

1) Dangermouse’s Grey album featured Jay-Z mashed up with The Beatles.
2) Amplive’s sterling rap reworkings used In Rainbows as backing tracks.
3) Girl Talk, who mashed up everyone in popular music culture over the last 30 years in a mashup orgy.

There were a gazillion others in the interim and beyond and to be perfectly honest, this latest effort by Minty Fresh Beats is not very imaginative on paper. It’s too obvious. That’s why no-one has mashed up Jay-Z with Radiohead til now? It happens to be a lot better than it has any right to be.This is a gazillion times better than that Coldplay/Jay-Z collab by a country mile. Fuck you Chris Martin, this is how it’s done.

Jaydiohead – Dirt off Your Android

Jaydiohead – Wrong Prayer

There are a nice amount of subtle changes and arrangement additions here to make this really work.

You can download it all at