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Bodytonic announces massive multi-venue Beatyard festival across September and October

Bodytonic announces massive multi-venue Beatyard festival across September and October

Bodytonic has announced a series of multi-venue indoor gigs and events across September and October in their venues  Wigwam, The Bernard Shaw, Pot Duggans, The Lighthouse & MVP “with an array of our favourite Irish DJs, musicians, comedians, podcasts, collectives, radio stations” and more 

A huge amount of people are lined up for special indoor gigs including Jafaris, NewDad, Club Comfort, Out of Space, Sunil Sharpe, DDR,  Shane Daniel Byrne, Farah Elle, Toisin, The Creep Dive Podcast and many more.

All attendees must be fully vaccinated or recently recovered from COVID-19. Tickets are now on sale here.

The Bernard Shaw

16th September:  Tebi Rex, Local Boy, Damai Soundsystem

23rd September: Jafaris, Chameleon, Gaptoof

30th September: Brien (Live) Bobofunk, Lesko, Bob Standard

7th October: Prymary Colours, Shiv, Fhionn


September 11th: Resenha Dos Amigos (Brazilian Independence Day – Upstairs) – free to book in, more info over here

September 17th: Out of Space, Efa O’Neill, Long Island Sound, Bella Festa, Siofra (basement)

September 19th: LR Project (upstairs)

September 24th: Club Comfort, Gemma Dunleavy & Baliboc,DJ Selky, DJ Egg, Roo Honeychild (basement)

September 26th: Zeembass & Pablo Santos (upstairs)

October 1st: Sunil Sharpe, Endrift, Craaymo (basement)

October 3rd: Shy Mascot (upstairs)

October 7th: DDR; Enda Epoch, Ema b2b Jio, State Secrets, Weeding (basement) 

The Lighthouse, Dun Laoighaire

September 18th: Shane Daniel Byrne, Grace Mulvey, Aoife O’Connor

September 25th: Martin Angolo, Kate Feeney, Ed Sammon

October 2nd: Emma Doran, John Spillane, Matthew Tallon

October 28th: The Creep Dive Podcast


September 30th: Toshin & DubX Radio

October 7th: Farah Elle & DubX Radio

October 15th: Plantain Papi & DubX Radio

October 23rd: UNQ, Rob de Boer & DubX Radio

Pot Duggan’s, Ennistymon, Clare

17th September:  Zapho, Toshin & Decartet

19th September: New Dad

7th October: Varo, Branwen & John Francis Flynn

18th October: Susan O’Neill

Also, Bodytonic are presenting a Jape show at the Lighthouse on September 10th, and while they are also doing Beatyard, they are also putting on “re-imagined Graff Jam with DJs, visual artists and a series of talks surrounding the meeting point between art & music.” under the banner Music Is The Brandy Of The Damned at the Bernard Shaw, which will feature Moving Still, Gemma Dunleavy, Aches, Signs of Power, Bobofunk and loads more.

See the list on that here.