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Boku brings his epic ‘Fortune’ into 2021

Boku brings his epic ‘Fortune’ into 2021

Cork producer Ian Ring is continuing his fine run of electronic solo singles as Boku into 2021 with ‘Fortune’ , the first of three singles that will be released as an EP on Feel Good Lost on January 27th.

The track has an epic yearning quality to it, an escapist aural journey when we need it most.

“Fortune was born from playing with a chord progression on my Rhodes and manipulating field recordings. Those field recordings became a big part of the sound. I tried not to over-analysis anything when writing this record, and to just get lost in the creative flow and make decisions fast to capture the emotion I was feeling – and I think that sense of freedom and release really comes across in the music. ”

Ian Ring

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Ian was formerly of the duo Young Wonder.