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Bonde do Role’s DJ Gorky In-DEED Mix

Bonde do Role’s DJ Gorky In-DEED Mix



Last week, DJ Gorky of Bonde do Role played a 37 minute live radio mix for XM Satellite radio. Comprised of Baile-Funk, cheesy dance and electro. Lots of squelch and looped vocal samples. Tunes include the unbelievably catchy “Beeper” by Sinden and Count of Monte Cristal as well as Inner City’s Good Life, a Gloria Estefan “Conga”/ Klaxons “Gravity’s Rainbow” mashup and a Bonde do Role tune over Arctic Monkey’s “Teddypicker”.

Get the mp3 courtesy of Pitchfork.


Bonde do Role are playing Dublin again on the 24th November in the Button Factory.

(I’ve just realised my spiel is almost the same as Pitchfork. Oh well.)

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