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A dose of puerility on Monday Morning but for a good cause. Master Massey and Shyhyy Welly release their debut single on 1st August and all the proceeds of the mammary-obsessed charity release will go towards The Nicole Cahill Fund, who contacted Massey after his appearance on South East Radio. 10 year old Nicole Cahill has been confined to a wheelchair for the last four years, after a coma and a stroke she sustained at the age of six, caused swelling on her brain. Surgeons in New York city are hopeful that ground-breaking surgery could get Nicole back on her feet.

Massey and Welly had been looking for a suitable charity but were turned down by the perfect match of The Irish Cancer Society, proving that they had no sense of humour. In the end, the Nicole Cahill Fund stepped in. A representative from Massey and Welly’s label, Shyhhy Records told me “we had to ask them to double check the website and make sure they really wanted to be associated with us. They still said yeah.”

The video features cans of Dutch Gold and a number of iconic world figures sharing their love of boobies. It’s for a good cause!

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