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Booddha – ‘Love Overdose’

Booddha – ‘Love Overdose’


Amsterdam electronic producer Booddha impressed me with a clutch of great tunes in the future garage/post-dubstep vein. His latest tracks continue that buzz into more uniquely sculpted sounds. The highlight is ‘Love Overdose’, which has an impressive synth/percussive clap to it, one I’d like to play DJing while ‘Emotions’ follows the current trend for reshaping ’90s R&B, this time around, Destiny’s Child turns the singularly titled ‘Emotion’ into a big bass cut. Looking forward to hearing what else he has in store for us via the Vresh label this year.

Booddha – ‘Love Overdose’

Booddha – ‘Emotions’

Booddha – ‘Good Vibes’

Booddha – ‘Hopping Through Life’