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New Boom Bip song & Zig Zaj album details

New Boom Bip song & Zig Zaj album details

It’s a while since we had a Boom Bip solo record – 2005’s Blue Eyed in the Red Room to be exact (not counting 2007’s Sacchrilege EP or Neon Neon). New album , Zig Zaj will be released on September 16th (19th UK / 20th US) and will feature guests Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, members of Warpaint, Bon Iver, Money Mark, Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Cate Le Bon (Neon Neon) and Luke Steele (Empire Of The Sun).

Here’s the first song – the not-giving-too-much-away-what-to-expect – ‘All Hands’.

Boom Bip – ‘All Hands’ (from new album ‘Zig Zaj’)


1. All Hands
2. Goodbye Lovers and Friends ft Alex Kapranos
3. Pele
4. Do As I Do ft Cate Le Bon
5. Reveal
6. Manabozh ft Money Mark
7. New Order ft Luke Steele & Josh Klinghoffer
8. Automation
9. Tumtum
10. Mascot and the Moth

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