, Boot & Tax’s debut album is going to be a must-hear

Over two 12″ EPs and a recent digital one, the Italian duo Boot & Tax have dropped some serious electronic tunes over the last couple of years on the Optimo label. They stand out because their music has exotic influences that sound like African to Aborigine sounds mixed with analogue synth-heavy minimal wave, funk guitar and Italo tracks.

Cristian Croce and Claudio Brioschi have a full-length album coming out on Optimo Music at the end of the month and I really can’t wait to hear it judging off this brilliant 20 minute mini mix:

Here is the acid synth track ‘Dancin’ from the album too:


  1. Good Fela
  2. Sound Of Baloo
  3. Red Guitar
  4. Sublime
  5. Dancin
  6. Sazarda Gente
  7. Apnea
  8. Father & Son
  9. Soultains of Mountain

More more more?