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Sorcha Richardson – ‘Petrol Station’

Sorcha Richardson – ‘Petrol Station’


Since moving to New York five years back, the Irish singer-songwriter Sorcha Richardson has explored more electronic terrain with Fortunate Ones as Con Vos and ΛYLΛ & Isovert along with more traditional folk music.

For her new solo track, ‘Petrol Station’, those influences are palpably felt and Richardson’s vocals still shine whatever the weather. Brookyln-based Baile provides production for ‘Petrol Station’ while the B-side ‘With My Friends’ which isn’t online yet, features production from Sacred Animals. You may be able to take the girl out of Ireland but she’s still calling it a petrol station and not a gas station.

Sorcha beckons you over to her house so quit resisting.

Photo by Matthew Zach Kelly.