Broken Social Scene live, Broken Social Scene live was one of the best live experiences of my life

Well folks the Broken Social Scene gig came and went over the weekend and it was one of the best gigs I’d been to in a long long time. I’ve been waiting two years to see them and they lived up to my expectations.

Highlights were anything the five piece brass section played on, Anthems for a 17 year old Girl, Shoreline, Stars and Sons, Fire Eye’d Boy, It’s All gonna Break, Ah who am I kidding it was all great, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Some gigs in the Temple Bar Music Centre have suffered from poor sound and boring crowd, but the sound was excellent and people were really into it. You can tell that the band were enjoying it by their constant banter between the songs and the fact that Kevin Drew jumped into the crowd to give everybody hugs before the end.

I have to say though it’s strange to see a band moving their own equipment out of the venue afterwards and standing around in the pouring rain.

Some bad photos are here and an even worse video here. If anybody has an decent photos or videos, reviews, thoughts etc, post a comment and tell us about it.