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Breakcore Nights

Breakcore Nights

Leprechaun Error Tour

Breakcore gigs are the best gigs in the world. FACT. They are the most fun, the most mental and without trying to sound like a hippy, bring a sense of community unrivalled by most other gigs I’ve been too. Anyone who was at the Ice Bar in Dublin last month for Aaron Spectre and Lakker or Shitmat in the Rowing Club in Galway last year can attest to that. Having said, that like everything, it is only good in moderation. I imagine it can lose its appeal for most people if it was a weekly thing unless you’re the breakcore / mashup artist playing at these gigs and in that case you’re a bit of a mentaller anyway.

This month, UK label Wrong Music are doing a short breakcore tour of Ireland entitled ‘The Leprechaun Error Tour’ in association with Leechrum with artists Shitmat, Chevron, Ebola, Lakker, The Gross Consumer and a load of others. The full dates are Cork – Thursday 23 February (Venue Unknown), Dublin – Friday 24 February (Legal Eagle), Belfast – Saturday 25 February (The Menagarie Bar + Grill). Tickets are €15 euro.

Full Lineup for Dublin (Cork and Belfast unavailable) :

Wrong music room
The Gross Consumer
DJ Leechrum records
Fuck Rewind

hanna – wrong visuals

Leechwrongish room
Ethal chicken (Turkish comedian)
The demonic dolls (spicy wrong trad inprov)
Noid the Droid – (Russian Techno Spacerock)
The Barna Hip-Hop Consortium
The Last Sound (electronica)
Rian Ryan (Detroit Techno)
Kids Fedition (Techno, electro – GG ;-p)
Dara O’Brien – Live tablas and Sitar
Leechrum Limb (Geneotic Techno)

Friday February 24th – Legal Eagle, Chancerry St., D.1
9 til late – Tickets 15 euro – Ticket available at Spindizzy – Georges Arcade, The Hemp Store – Capel street, Red Ink bookstore – Templebar and City Disks – Templebar.

Shitmat MP3:
theme from the 1998 morris dancer massacre

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