, Buraka Som Sistema ft M.I.A – ‘Sound of Kuduro’

The honour of Fabric’s first proper artist album release has fallen to Portugal’s Buraka Som Sistema and their debut album Black Diamond. Their sound has been invariably described as electro ghettotech and Euro baile funk but in reality, it is rooted in Kuduro – a genre which is thriving in Lisbon’s suburbs but was born in Angola. It shares tone and rhythm with that break-off track from earlier in the year DJ Mujava’s ‘Township Funk’. The album, Black Diamond is well worth a look if these tunes (one featuring the “retired” M.I.A and another Pongolove) take your fancy. They play Twisted Pepper on the 11th of December.

Buraka Som Sistema ft M.I.A – ‘Sound of Kuduro’

Buraka Som Sistema – ‘Kalemba (Wegue-Wegue)’


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