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Buraka Som Sistema Mixtape

Buraka Som Sistema Mixtape

Portugal’s Buraka Som Sistema debut album Black Diamond came out week and the band have released a 20 minute mixtape full of banging ghettotech tunes, mostly their own. The Kano collaboration sounds really good here and I’m liking Drop the Lime’s dub bass remix of ‘Sound of Kuduro’ It’s an intense skank and move.

  1. Buraka Som Sistema: “Intro”
  2. DJ Malvado: “Puto Mekie”
  3. Radioclit: “Secousse (Crookers remix)”
  4. Buraka Som Sistema: “Skank & Move” [ft. Kano]
  5. DJ Znobia: “Patchy Luanda”
  6. Debonair Samir: “Samir’s Theme”
  7. Buraka Som Sistema: “Kalemba (Wegue Wegue)”
  8. DJ Furioso: “Activate”
  9. Buraka Som Sistema: “Sound of Kuduro (Drop the Lime remix)”
  10. Reso: “If U Can’t Beat Them

Buraka Som Sistema Mixtape

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