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Burial & Four Tet 12″

Burial & Four Tet 12″

moth_burial I’m sure all you savvy people are aware by now that Burial and Four Tet have a split 12″ out. It’s more of a collaborative release as far as we can tell with both producers smudging each others tracks with their own indelible marks. Whatever way you look at it, this is a incredible near- 20 minutes of music from two of music’s best leftfield producers.

‘Moth’ seems to be Burial’s track infused with a house-groove and his trademark pitch-shifted vocals while ‘Wolf Cub’ is surely a Four Tet production with its spidery instrumentation but seems equally influenced by his peer producer, particularly in beat structure.

Burial – Moth

Four Tet – Wolf Cub

Buy the 12″ from Chemical Records.

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