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Candylion live session

Candylion live session

Gruff Rhys - Candylion

Or Podgram, if you prefer Gruff’s term. Times Online has Gruff Rhys and Lisa Jen talking about the Candylion album and performing “Cycle of Violence”, “Lonesome Words” and the best song about driving ever bar none “Gyrru Gyrru Gyrru”.

Gruff also talks about how he wanted the Fingerbob-inspired Candylion artwork to be “a little bit shit looking”, getting thrown out of hotels due to his shaggy appearance, the forthcoming Furries record and train-surfing. Check out the mp3s of the live session.

Gruff Rhys & Lisa Jens – Cycle of Violence (Live Session)

[audio: Session).mp3]

Gruff Rhys & Lisa Jens – Gyrru Gyrru Gyrru (Live Session)

[audio: Session).mp3]

Gruff Rhys & Lisa Jens – Lonesome Words (Live Session)

[audio: Session).mp3]

Times Online Podcast

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